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Who We Are and What We Do

Episcopal Church Web Hosting (ECWH.org) is a hosting service provided by Dragon Netwurx partnership with Episcopal and SPCK/USA volunteers. Our mission is to lower the barriers to get Episcopal, Anglican and related organizations on the web. All it takes to get online is one dedicated volunteer who's willing manage your website and you have a window for the World to see you! ECWH volunteers provide free web assistance, design and setup assistance to Episcopal organizations. For more information, see the Current Services Page.

As Episcopal News Serivce reports: Episcopal Church congregations are more and more turning to the internet and social media to communicate with their members and their communities, according to a just-released summary of a nationwide survey of faith communities.

Results for Episcopalians in the Faith Communities Today Survey (FACT) show that 95 percent of congregations surveyed report that they use email to communicate with members and 86 percent have websites. The latter is an increase from 81 percent in 2008 and 76 percent in 2005. Forty-one percent report having used Facebook or other social media in 2010. Congregations frequently reported using electronic newsletters, text messaging and Twitter, the survey said.

For the full story, Click Here.

ECWH can help your church or organization take part in these exciting, emerging forms of electronic communication!

Getting Started

Episcopal Church Web Hosting (ECWH) is a free* hosting service provided by Dragon Netwurx and ECWH volunteers.

To get set up:

  1. Fill out the application and and service agreement and fax to Dragon Netwurx at +1 888.782.7304..
  2. Register a domain name. This can be done via Regest.Com*. If you already have a domain name, set the name servers to: ns1.ecwh.org and ns2.ecwh.org.
  3. Usually within 24-48 hours of submitting the application and agreement, you will be emailed a password to sign in. Please do so immediately and change the password using the recommended guidelines.
  4. Order any optional features you need, such as additional storage, bandwidth, or mysql databases. Note: These can be added at any time.
  5. Develop your content. You can seek assistance from ECWH volunteers for simple pages; Dragon also offers comprehesive web site development - at a competitive price.
  6. Upload your content. You can use FTP or our cPanel file manager facility to do so. You are now connected!

Please see our Current Services page for details on services offered.

* - To keep the lawyers happy, all ECWH users placing content on the server must be bona fide customers of Dragon. If you order the domain through Regest (you need a domain to get started, and Regest pricing is competitive), the hosting is free. If you provide your own domain name, a nominal $20.00 per year fee applies.

Volunteering with ECWH

What is involved with being an ECWH volunteer? What skills are required? How do I get started?

ECWH is like your church -- It's a resource, and a place for you to pursue part of your mission. There's a host team to run the shop. The ECWH Host Team is here to help you in your journey. But ultimately, spreading the word is up to you!

When you've got your own church website up and running, it's time to look around your area and see who else you can help. Sometimes that means helping other webmasters through the web, but most of the time it's about asking other neighborhood churches and organizations if they would like help getting online or maintaining their website. Use the free hosting available through ECWH and help them get started!

Once you've got a couple of others online, it can help build a support network within your diocese. You could even hold workshops and webmaster meetings! Evangelism is all about communication and web building should be part of every Episcopal organization. By providing the technical assistance to support this work, you are key to moving the church's mission into the 21st century! If you feel you can assist this with offering support to others, let us know.

Never underestimate the impact one person can have! Remember that the Holy Spirit is with you and works through you. Please keep in touch, share what you learn, use ECWH's freely donated resources, and have fun!

If you have questions or comments for Episcopal Church Web Hosting, please send them to host-team@ecwh.org.

Say "No Daddy!" to GoDaddy

GiDaddy is notorious for their highly suggestive, sexually themed commericals - some so extreme, even the Superbowl refused to run them.

We feel no Christian organization should utilize GoDaddy for the same reasons churches do not accept ads in their bulletin from the local adult bookstore.

This article sums it up.

ECWH does not accept new clients who use GoDaddy for domain registration unless a registrar transfer is submitted at the time of application.

ECWH Members Include:

Grace Episcopal Church
Plainfield, New Jersey

The Assembly of Episcopal Healthcare Chaplains

Grace Episcopal Church
Spring Hill, Tennessee

St. Andrew's
Derby, Kansas

St. Andrew's Episcioal Church
Emporia, Kansas

St. John.s Episcopal Parish
Winthrop, MA

Residents Encounter Christ in Texas

Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Hampton, Virginia

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